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All About Oak Tree Reading

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I am excited you're here!

Oak Tree Reading was created with the mission to help all readers get more from what they read.

So often in our busy lives, we start off reading with the best of intentions only to find ourselves rushing through books and quickly forgetting everything we read. No longer! This interactive material takes you from being a passive learner to an active learner.

What are the benefits of using a workbook while you read?

  • You will get more value from the books you read.

  • You will be able to facilitate group discussions and team learning.

  • You will easily implement the knowledge and wisdom shared by authors.

  • You will see the positive impact books start to have on your life.

  • You will enjoy reading more than ever before.

  • You will always have your completed workbook as a quick refresher.

What is included in the workbooks?

  • Pre-reading questions

  • Chapter discussion questions with space for writing answers

  • Space to write your own summary for each chapter

  • Vocabulary words with space to write definitions and add words

  • Key terms with space to write definitions and add words

  • Chapter reflection questions

  • Final reflection questions

  • A condensed list of all discussion questions and vocabulary for reference

  • Reflection pages for writing extra notes and ideas


This is a fully comprehensive workbook, with each aspect carefully designed to optimize your learning and enhance your reading experience.

The workbook is designed for solo readers, book clubs, and reading with friends. At the beginning of each workbook, you will find instructions and guidance for using the questions and the workbook within different types of group settings. Discussions are a great active learning strategy and can be very fun!

Please note: Not all books currently have workbooks available. A free, modified PDF version will be  available for these books until the workbook is released. Workbooks will be released for all these books. Thank you for your patience.

I am confident that you will love using these workbooks and that it will change the way you read for the better!


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Nice to Meet You!


Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Wells. I am the face behind Oak Tree Reading. My professional and educational background is in business and healthcare, but I am a teacher at heart. My passion is helping other people discover and harness their potential.

I consider myself a life-long learner. It is such a gift to have the opportunity to share what I learn with you in the form of Oak Tree Reading Workbooks. I find so much value in reading these books. My goal is to share that value with others and to celebrate the authors who work so hard to provide it for us.

I hope this website and these workbooks help you discover and strive to be your best self.

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